Artisans of Geelong | About Us
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About Us

Artisans of Geelong

Artisans of Geelong Inc. work together to share information and promote awareness of arts and crafts.


P100006720151213_133856Who Do We Represent?


Turtle DovesValda King 7Independent Artists

  • Art
  • Beading, Glasswork
  • Felting
  • Quilting and Patchwork
  • Tatting
  • Textiles


057Aims & Objectives

The Aims and Objectives of the Geelong Artisans Group is to strengthen and promote awareness of arts and crafts by becoming a focal point for the co-ordination of large events, education and information by –

  • bringing together, groups, clubs and individual artists into an affiliated body;
  • establishing a central database/website to –
    • Assist artisans seeking to further enhance their skills through discussion, demonstration and exhibition
    • Mick and Gail SpongInform and advertise events, upcoming workshops/courses and seminars
    • List contact groups within Geelong, Victoria and Australia
  • promoting the training of instructors in their respective skills;
  • sharing ideas, skills and expertise with each other;
  • maintaining a high standard of design and technique;
  • working together with Local and State Government to establish and promote arts in general to the wider public
  • seeking/applying for grants for specific projects, events and combined programs


035Future Directions

To continue to encourage other art groups to join with us in the pursuit of excellence.

Further encourage others to join forces with our organisation.

Working toward an artisans precinct to showcase artwork and create a community among artisans.